Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Dega Baby!

So it's been awhile since I updated. Not too much going on in my little world. However, I did run the Talledega 21000 Half-Marathon this weekend. Now, even though I grew up in Alabama I have never been a NASCAR fan. 'Dega (as it's commonly called here :) is only about an hour from Birmingham. According to friends with firsthand experience, it is a weekend full of RVs, copious amounts of beer, and mullets. I ran it with my dear friends Nora and Jessica in honor of Nora's dad. The race proceeds went to the UAB Department of Urology. Nora's sweet dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. We had some awesome bright pink shirts made especially for Nora's dad. Jess had a great "Girls gone wild" trucker had to top it off. We also rocked some awesome nicknames on the shirts. Jessica was "mugs" and I was "jugs" :) All in all this was a great race. I haven't run much recently (still recovering from the bike incident). In fact, I only ran a total of 9 miles in the two weeks prior to the race. Nora, Jess, and I also ran the Seaside 1/2 three weeks ago with our running group. I really expected to have to run/walk this one but was greatly surprised. We finished in 2:08! The race course was actually fun. I feared it would be boring but the race track is a fascinating place. I had no idea the track was on such an incline. Seriously, it was nearly straight up on some parts. We began by circling the track, heading out to town, and coming back through the stadium to the track again. Nothing like hearing the winner being announced as you pass mile 7 :)

Blood sugars were great through the race. I think I finally have it down to an art. I have a totally separate basal pattern for any run over 10 miles. I usually fear bolusing before I run which leads to being high if I eat anything. This time I bolused about 2/3s of my breakfast. Started out at 187, checked in at 82 at mile 6, ate a gu, checked in at 72 at mile 10, ate some gummies, and finished with a blood sugar of 123! The dreaded A1C date is fast approaching. I am hoping these four 1/2 marathons in the past four months will impact my A1C for the better.

We had our first Glucomotive team call this weekend. I am so pumped about Insulindependence University in June! Seriously, I can't wait. Now to buckle down and fundraise!!

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